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5 Nov 2013

Nomads: the last post

So. Today I prepared what I hope will be the final index for Nomads and wrote some links for what will be the main website. Because we expect the book and the main site to appear fairly shortly (a slot has been booked with the printer, and the book will appear soon thereafter), this will be the last Nomads post on this blog. Thanks for bearing with us this far. James has linked the shiny new website to this blog, so this blog won't disappear: it'll simply remain in its present state and will be visible from elsewhere.

The making of books is strange. Come to the end of the making of a book and one expects - well, one used to expect - a sort of imaginary drumroll. All I can feel is...a bit numb. It's hard to believe we actually got this far: all those trips, all those miles, so much reading and note-taking, so many words and images, so much fishing and thinking and laughter. Yet in the numbness, and because of the laughter, the gratitude is real enough. Nomads was, really, far too big for me - it was the biggest single project I've ever taken on - but I gave it my best shot. The rest is for everyone else to judge.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the company, real and imaginary. Farewell - and of course, tight lines.

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