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26 Sep 2013

Nomads book and website publication

Many people are beginning to wonder what's happening to the book and website of Nomads of the Tides. Here's an update. I'm expecting to see the book proofs imminently. Once I get the proofs I have 170,000 words of text and captions to proof-read. That should take a week if I work 12-16 hours a day (I try to proof-read things twice, always, because it's amazing how eye-skips can creep in). Meanwhile, I'm currently proof-reading the full Nomads website - another 70,000 words. The website includes material on spinning and bait-fishing, an annotated bibliography, an appendix on recipes, an epilogue ('Through the Irish sea-trout season') and some extra Gazetteer entries (words and images) relevant to different areas of Ireland. Well, then.  When, you ask, can we all expect to see the book in its finished form - and when can we actually browse the big new shiny website?  Answer: probably within the next six weeks or so depending on how many snags we hit with the book-text and the proof-reading. Apologies if this is slightly later than we'd thought, but that's publishing for you. One thing I can promise: it will - I hope and trust - be worth the wait.

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