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21 Feb 2013

Dublin Angling Expo 2013

Just back from Dublin, where Ken and I (pictured) gave two presentations about the making of Nomads of the Tides and outlined our notions as to where Irish sea-trout originally came from - a story that begins at the end of the last Ice Age, a mere 10-18,000 years ago. During the two days of the show I had the very great pleasure of meeting some of those kind friends and fellow anglers who had helped me so generously during those trips to Ireland I undertook in 2007-12. I must admit that I hardly recognised them: when we originally met we were swathed in wading jackets, hats and body waders against the continual nightly Irish deluges, so it was a bit of a shock to encounter each other in mufti. And yet I suppose we recognised each other by our mutual smiles. All we were missing was James Sadler, who has done such grand work on some of the images and on the design of the Nomads website. For Ashley Hayden's report on our Dublin work, please click on

Image courtesy of Ashley Hayden, copyright 2013

12 Feb 2013

Nomads cover and pre-ordering

Please click the above link for pre-ordering/reservation details of Nomads of the Tides: Fishing for Irish Sea-Trout. On the click-through page you'll also have a glimpse of the proposed cover image (below).