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5 Nov 2013

Nomads: the last post

So. Today I prepared what I hope will be the final index for Nomads and wrote some links for what will be the main website. Because we expect the book and the main site to appear fairly shortly (a slot has been booked with the printer, and the book will appear soon thereafter), this will be the last Nomads post on this blog. Thanks for bearing with us this far. James has linked the shiny new website to this blog, so this blog won't disappear: it'll simply remain in its present state and will be visible from elsewhere.

The making of books is strange. Come to the end of the making of a book and one expects - well, one used to expect - a sort of imaginary drumroll. All I can feel is...a bit numb. It's hard to believe we actually got this far: all those trips, all those miles, so much reading and note-taking, so many words and images, so much fishing and thinking and laughter. Yet in the numbness, and because of the laughter, the gratitude is real enough. Nomads was, really, far too big for me - it was the biggest single project I've ever taken on - but I gave it my best shot. The rest is for everyone else to judge.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the company, real and imaginary. Farewell - and of course, tight lines.

21 Oct 2013

Nomads proofs

Today I returned a list of proof corrections to Medlar Press (the publisher of Nomads). The book - 170,000 words, 300+ images, around 500pp. of book text -  looks terrific. There are a few remaining chores to be done - some copyright permissions still to seek, an index to prepare, footnotes to read - but we're not now far off publication. In the meantime, James has done heroic work on what will be the main Nomads website and I've proof-read the words for that, too. The website will be put up to coincide with the appearance of the book. Almost there....

26 Sep 2013

Nomads book and website publication

Many people are beginning to wonder what's happening to the book and website of Nomads of the Tides. Here's an update. I'm expecting to see the book proofs imminently. Once I get the proofs I have 170,000 words of text and captions to proof-read. That should take a week if I work 12-16 hours a day (I try to proof-read things twice, always, because it's amazing how eye-skips can creep in). Meanwhile, I'm currently proof-reading the full Nomads website - another 70,000 words. The website includes material on spinning and bait-fishing, an annotated bibliography, an appendix on recipes, an epilogue ('Through the Irish sea-trout season') and some extra Gazetteer entries (words and images) relevant to different areas of Ireland. Well, then.  When, you ask, can we all expect to see the book in its finished form - and when can we actually browse the big new shiny website?  Answer: probably within the next six weeks or so depending on how many snags we hit with the book-text and the proof-reading. Apologies if this is slightly later than we'd thought, but that's publishing for you. One thing I can promise: it will - I hope and trust - be worth the wait.

27 May 2013

Publication September 2013

I'm expecting to receive the proofs of the book from Medlar next month ( and publication looks set to be in September 2013. In the period June-end August we'll try to add text and images bit by bit to the main Nomads website (

5 Apr 2013

Official Nomads website

The official Nomads website - just a couple of pages of text and accompanying images so far, but with much more to come - is readable. Please click on 

We'll endeavour to put up parts of the rest of the new site over the next six months, building towards publication of the book itself in or around autumn 2013.

21 Feb 2013

Dublin Angling Expo 2013

Just back from Dublin, where Ken and I (pictured) gave two presentations about the making of Nomads of the Tides and outlined our notions as to where Irish sea-trout originally came from - a story that begins at the end of the last Ice Age, a mere 10-18,000 years ago. During the two days of the show I had the very great pleasure of meeting some of those kind friends and fellow anglers who had helped me so generously during those trips to Ireland I undertook in 2007-12. I must admit that I hardly recognised them: when we originally met we were swathed in wading jackets, hats and body waders against the continual nightly Irish deluges, so it was a bit of a shock to encounter each other in mufti. And yet I suppose we recognised each other by our mutual smiles. All we were missing was James Sadler, who has done such grand work on some of the images and on the design of the Nomads website. For Ashley Hayden's report on our Dublin work, please click on

Image courtesy of Ashley Hayden, copyright 2013

12 Feb 2013

Nomads cover and pre-ordering

Please click the above link for pre-ordering/reservation details of Nomads of the Tides: Fishing for Irish Sea-Trout. On the click-through page you'll also have a glimpse of the proposed cover image (below).

18 Jan 2013

Currane film

I've just watched a splendid film about sea-trout and salmon fishing on the Currane system. Available on DVD, From Sea to Stream contains great action sequences and lasts 60 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed it, not least because it brought back such warm and vivid memories. There's also a segment of the film shot on the Cashla system - on Glenicmurrin; it was on the Cashla that Kingsmill Moore developed his famous series of Bumbles. The DVD is available from Angler's View productions ( To watch a trailer, and to order, please click on the link.