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24 Dec 2012

Nomads 2013 - a glimp ahead

First, warm good wishes to all those who've read these pages in 2012 and all the best for the year's turning.

Second, apologies for having posted little of late: we've been busy preparing text for the book and website and have this morning - following heroic work by Ken and James - sent both texts (book and website) and book images to the publishers, Medlar Press. We expect to see hard copy of the text in mid-2013 and hope to have the website up by February 2013, though we shall trickle out text and images onto the new website leading up to publication of the book. In 2013, therefore, the present site - the Nomads blog - will remain in its current state, though we'll of course include a link to these pages on the new site, which eventually will include audio files (interviews), short films and whatnot.

Third, readers will have long ago realised that my own aptitude (if it can be called an aptitude) is for words and more words. Compel me to do something visual and I'm entirely and hopelessly lost. Ask me to imagine, say, a potato and I shall imagine a swede...or perhaps the Swedish Ladies Beach Volleyball team, avid readers of this site all (he lied). Anyway, yes: when the going gets tough, (i) run away and (ii) ask James. James it was who has designed what we hope will be the Nomads logo, and most wondrous it is.

Ken and I will be giving a presentation about Nomads at the Dublin angling show in February 2013 (16-17th February, see where we hope to be able to unveil at least the cover image, logo and initial pages/structure of the Nomads website as well as talk about what we've learned concerning white-trout and white-trout fishing over the past years.

Thanks, one and all - and may the angling gods bless us, every one.

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