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28 Nov 2012

Effective flies: dry Daddy

A dry Daddy-long-legs pattern (sizes 10-12) is useful throughout the Irish sea-trout season but is particularly effective on freshwater when natural daddies are around in August and September. I fish this one singly during evenings on the river or again singly during flat calms on the lough, though sometimes I'll fish two dry Daddies (or a Daddy and some kind of Hopper) on a flat-calm lough just for the hell of it. Many writers have noted that sea-trout take dry-flies such as the Daddy far better when they're 'dragging', but I prefer the metaphor of 'skimming': the object of moving a dry-fly in the surface, when fishing for sea-trout, isn't to drag the thing about with a potentially fish-scaring wake but simply to twitch it so that it momentarily skims up and then skims to a halt on its hackle tips. Delicacy and subtlety are the watchwords.

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