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22 Oct 2012

Words for website complete in draft

Another milestone reached today: words for what will be the new Nomads website are complete in draft and I've sorted out images for the relevant bits of text. That means that all the drafting is done: the book (173,299 words) and website (c.67,000 words) are now going to be subject to second readings and the images (296 for the book, 88+ for the website) double-checked. It feels rather like speeding along in the darkness...

10 Oct 2012

Nomads - faces

The short film celebrates the faces - and the hats - of some (though by no means all) of those who have engaged with this project for the past six years.


OK. This book is going to be around 173,299 words long, in six main sections and with over 300 illustrations. I'm spending huge amounts of time at present taking the final images (of fly-patterns) and cutting/editing the final draft text. (At the same time I'm constructing the website entries - in themselves, over 200 pages and another 200 or so images.) The finished book, which will appear next year, will be around 500 pages of text.