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29 Sep 2012

T&S cover, October 2012

Well.... Either I'm getting better-looking or Gardiner (Mitchell, whom I blame for these photographic catastrophes) is doing ever more astute things with photoshop and the magic air-brush. This is the fourth T&S cover in the past two years, much to my embarrassment. Still, the image encodes wonderful memories of Beltra this past August and it was splendid to encounter salmon and sea-trout that were running in numbers in at least two different-year-classes. Thanks also to Eamonn - he's the good-looking one on the left - who gillied us with such kindliness and expertise and to Newport House (, who tolerated our vagaries with such hospitable and smiling equanimity.

25 Sep 2012

Ken's science chapter and drafting progress

The arrival of Ken's chapter on sea-trout biology was as keenly awaited as votre average Frenchperson awaits the arrival of this year's Beaujolais. And Ken's science chapter est duly
arrivé. Mon Dieu! It's sensational, nearly 20,000 words of it (Ken calls it 'the novel') and greatly reinforces one of the book's central themes: that the sea-trout is essentially a marine creature ('of the sea and from the sea,' as Ken puts it). As well as looking at sea-trout origins, morphology and biology, Ken also provides an overview of the early years of the Irish sea-trout stock collapse and has some challenging things to say about the vexed relationship that has existed (and still exists) between aquaculture and wild sea-trout stocks. In short, it's a key component of the book. One of my tasks now is to integrate Ken's science with the whole of the rest of the text - and with the website, whose construction continues apace. So far I've edited over 200,000 words and selected and captioned nearly 300 images, so we're entering the final phase.

The image, which makes me laugh out loud (please click to enlarge), was supplied by James, who was very free with his statistics but whose wonderful captions here and there contain grains of something close to the terrible truth...or as we say in Yorkshire, la verité.