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16 Aug 2012

Tawnyard Lough

Tawnyard lough, at the top of the Erriff in Mayo, has always been a water I've wanted to fish, largely because it once had the reputation of holding some of the biggest sea-trout on the Erriff system. In the event, at the time of our visit last week we were plagued by high temperatures and flukey, light or non-existent winds. We - that is, Kevin Crowley, Markus Muller and I - did manage to catch half-a-dozen sea-trout, however, the best a goodish one around the 1.5lb. mark, together with an absolutely staggering number of wild brown trout, some of which were jewels running to 12oz. and maybe just a touch more. Tawnyard is also one of the loveliest loughs I've ever fished, and is well worth a visit (

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