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17 Aug 2012


The Screebe system, which lies in south Connemara and drains into Kilkieran Bay, once was a hugely important salmon and sea-trout fishery (and was also the place where some early salmon-ranching experiments were conducted in the mid-19th century, by an expatriate Yorkshireman called Ramsbottom). One piece of good news is that this year, for the first time for many years, a small run of white-trout appeared to get into the system on the high waters of July. At the time of our visit, 93 sea-trout had been released together with some salmon. While we caught only one sea-trout on our visit, which coincided with light winds and high temperatures, we caught some stunning brown trout in the tidal teaches of the Screebe system and enjoyed tremendous hospitality from Trevor Downs, Neil Seales and the staff at Screebe House, whom we thank most warmly ( It's worth recording here that on the day before our visit, Neil had released a magnificent 7lb. brown trout from the lower of Screebe's tidal loughs.
 Kevin Crowley walking on the waters.
 Screebe sea-trout - we thought - on a dry Ant pattern.
Screebe brown trout. Angler: Neil Seales.