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17 Aug 2012

Journeys' end

Late last Wednesday I got back from the last trip which has gone into the operational phase (2007-12) of Nomads of the Tides. Below you'll find some words and images relating to our angling on Beltra, Inagh, Tawnyard and Screebe.

Nomads: infrastructure 2007-2012

Total number of trips: 17
Irish sea-trout waters visited, fished and researched: 70+
Air miles covered (34 separate flights): 24,440
Train journeys taken: 58
Driving mileages (approx.): 8,250
Cars hired: 18
Hotels/other accommodation stayed in: 38
emails exchanged: 1060
Blog entries written for Nomads website: 120
Words drafted to date: c.220,000
Feature articles published: 17 

...and I wouldn't have changed a second of it.


  1. Well done Chris, really looking forward to reading the book. Be sure to come back to the Bandon River again.

  2. Thanks, Simon. Just some more entries (on Northern Ireland and then on Connemara and Mayo) and three more feature articles to write, then the final typescript to prepare.... Problem is at present that the text is way too long, so we'll have to spill over into a (new) website. But the final thing shouldn't be too much the worse for that.

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