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2 Aug 2012

Adventures on the Bann estuary

Ken and I spent part of last week together with Leslie Holmes, whose knowledge of 'his' estuary, the Bann, is outstanding and inspiring (see also Leslie's website at Ken was lucky - and skilled - enough to catch and release a really good sea-trout, a fish of 53cm, while Leslie caught a rake of white-trout up to 1lb. 10oz. Slightly overawed by the expertise around me, I nevertheless managed a wooden-spoony catch of sea-trout running to a touch under 1.5lb., and enjoyed every minute. Below are some images from the Bann parts of our latest Nomads trip.

Ken's big sea-trout - and a portrait of a happy man.

Slob trout (the term is a corruption of 'slab', meaning marl or ooze).

On one tide we found the sea-trout hitting mullet fry.

Leslie with a grand Bann sea-trout.

Ken releasing a sea-trout of around 1.5lb. Super fish, beautifully marked.

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