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10 Jul 2012


As part of a week-long trip that took Ken and me to the Irish Fly Fair at Killyleagh and then to Carlingford lough (please see below), I also fished Strangford. I found it a remarkably tough week, though I did see fish and even saw two really good sea-trout one evening, leaping as dusk fell. (That is, the fish were leaping. I was sitting on a rock somewhere and turning into some weird creature from a Beckett play.) I fished for four straight days without moving anything significant, but eventually, after sheer mumbling insanity had set in, I did catch one - 18-and-a-half inches (probably around 2.5lb.) and in absolutely pristine condition. The fish disgorged what I think was a three-spined stickleback before being released, so why it took a shrimp-suggesting artificial pattern is beyond me. And yes, of course I tried baitfish-resembling fly patterns.... The sea-trout ignored those just as they ignored everything else. Below are some pertinent images.

Carlingford sea-trout

Ken Whelan and I fished Carlingford for two days last week. We concentrated on the shores around Greenore and Ballagan Points, where there are some good tide races and rocky beaches. (It's good bass ground, too.) Our catches were very modest but we did catch fish on both fly and spinner and moved others. Below are some relevant images, the topmost courtesy of Ken Whelan.