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27 Mar 2012

Table of contents, Nomads of the Tides

The structure of the work will look something like the following:
Preface How Nomads came to be made                                          
Introduction Towards a history of Irish sea-trout angling                                     

PART ONE The First                            

PART TWO The Gazetteer                                  

(1) Donegal                       
(2) Sligo and Mayo
(3) Connemara                                                                     
(4) The South-west
(5) The South-east and East
(6) Northern Ireland

PART THREE  Tackle, flies and lures

Section I
1. Fly-fishing tackle
2. Dapping
3. Tackle for spinning and bait fishing
4. Bait collection and purchase
5. Lures
6. Accessories
7. Clothing, cameras and angling safety
8. Travelling with fishing tackle

Section II
9. The form and design of Irish white-trout flies
10. Fly patterns and fly-dressing

PART FOUR    Lives of the white trout: The Science

EPILOGUE     Casting at time

            (1) Nomads of the Tides
            April and May                      The First Phase: Mending and Feeding
            June and July                       The Second Phase: Running and Lying
            August and September        The Third Phase: Moving and Resting

            (2) Casting at Time

Appendix 1: Sea-trout and their names
Appendix 2: Recipes: smoking, frying, poaching
Appendix 3: Eating places for nomads in Ireland
Annotated bibliography; web references

Index (i) general, (ii) waters described in the text

The gazetteer is in some ways the operational heart of the book. A minimum of six sea-trout waters from each region are described in some detail, and each gazetteer entry has the same structure, (a) 'Location in space and time' (which allows me to say something about the history of fishing for sea-trout in or on that water) and 'Days (or nights) on the water' - first-hand descriptions of my experiences of fishing these waters during the 2007-2012 period.

At present, almost all of this material exists in advanced draft apart from the section on the North and Ken's chapter on the science. Our deadline is December 31st this year. We shall make it.

(Image: sign on the Newport River, Mayo, photographed in 2007)

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