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5 Feb 2012

Denis's video boxes

The reader will recall that Denis O'Toole is very kindly making many of the flies that will appear as illustrations of dressings given in the Nomads text. (I finished the relevant section of text just before Christmas.) I thought it would be particularly appropriate if most if not all of the flies that will appear were to be dressed by native Irish fly-dressers, and Denis is certainly one of the best I've encountered. To my astonishment and delight, two days ago a package arrived, postmarked Ireland. Inside were two video-boxes, each filled with dressings corresponding to the draft text I'd sent Denis just before Christmas. Denis even made kind comments about the text, which commentary was well above and beyond the call of duty but very pleasing nevertheless. I'm more than grateful: Denis has done so much more than I ever could have expected and the whole book will benefit as a result.

From top: traditional patterns including Bumbles, Zulus and Delphis; Medicines (Falkus/Rawling original dressing, with silver-painted shank); various wet Daddies, including the red version (my own favourite) and green version; various Snakes, Sunk Lures and Surface Lures, the last including dressings with clipped deer-hair and also foam.

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