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27 Nov 2011

The work of Denis O'Toole: the Delphi

Denis has today very kindly sent me some photos of the flies he's making for the Nomads text - whose section on fly-making I'm coincidentally working on at present. Among Denis's tyings is that for the blue version of the Delphi. Now, I have no idea what the Delphi, either in the original black version or in this blue variant, is supposed to represent, if anything (a mutant shrimp? a small fish?) but I do know it's a wonderfully effective Irish sea-trout pattern tied in sizes 10-14. I use it often as a dropper pattern on the estuary if there's little seaweed in the channel (droppers and seaweed shouldn't mix) and it fishes at almost any position of a standard three-fly leader on the lough. For the blue variant I favour this kingfisher blue - something that Denis must have intuited - simply because it seems relatively visible in clearish water - more visible than royal or navy blue. And I like the mix of holographic silver tinsel, too, since that is less prone to rapid tarnishing than standard medium flat silver material.

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