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15 Oct 2011

A note on Sunk Lure mounts

I've been all round the houses with this one over the years: standard Rawling/Falkus mounts; hollow braid mounts; twisted nylon and/or solid braid mounts.... The hollow braid mounts I was experimenting with last year, and which I used this season, are OK but after a session or two the waterproof superglue wears away from the braid and the rear hook has a tendency to sag. Sagging is distinctly not encouraged. It's fixable (simply run another application of glue across the braid, allow to dry, and fish again) but it's not ideal. Therefore I think there's merit in returning to the old but reliable Falkus mounts. I use red silk, then 20lb. Stren to join two size 8 or 6 hooks. Apply a coat of waterproof superglue and allow to dry. Instead of silver paint I use pearlescent nail varnish, and make three applications.

I'm inclined to use Sunk Lures in saltwater, particularly (of course) when there are sandeels in the estuaries and channels I'm covering. I've not used them extensively at night in freshwater, since if I do need to fish a touch deeper after midnight then in Ireland I prefer using intermediate lines and small doubles. I dare say if I were to fish more in the English Lake District or Wales that would change.

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