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16 Oct 2011

A note on a fly-tying note

Below there's an entry on Sunk Lure mounts. Last night I went back to some research of my own - 'research' sounds rather grand, it's more of a gentle and sporadic investigation - into the work of the angler and poet Tom Rawling, who fished with Falkus during the 1960s and 70s and who spent many winter evenings, over several years, designing and tying various prototype Sunk Lures. Tom's tying notes, liberally scrawled over by Falkus, are detailed, meticulous and fascinating. The image shows a foolscap page of such notes (and there are many, many more like this). Tom and Falkus favoured a brace of size 4 Veniard hooks and 20lb. nylon to join them.

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