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19 Oct 2011

Flash Sunk Lure

A prototype of this kind of Sunk Lure - I've no idea what to call it - was tried out in Kerry last month. A small shoal of finnock found the lure to their liking - so much so, that one fish wolfed the tandem in a way that obliged me to unclip the forceps. Fortunately I'd nipped down the barbs of the hooks and the fish swam away strongly. There were sandeels around in the estuary, and I've no doubt that the sea-trout mistook the lure for a sandeel. That said, the same shoal of fish looked at Claret Bumbles, Black and Yellow singles and Medicines with almost the same eagerness, so I don't deduce much from the encounters. Still, perhaps a lure like this is worth further experiment. Total length of lure around 1.5-2 inches; size 8 Kamasan B175 hooks; 20lb. Stren to join the hooks (Falkus/Rawling method); silver or pearly nail varnish for the body; red varnish for the head; red silk.

One tying note: it's important to keep the tinsel 'wing' to the correct length. Too long a wing and the fibres will want to wrap themselves round the rear hook, which is bloody irritating. To avoid cursing, ensure that the trailing (rear) edge of the tinsels is roughly level with the barb of the rear hook.

I enjoy tying with tinsel (experiments with various Flash Flies for pike over the past few years have taught me a fair bit, I hope), and a silver Flashabou wing is light, mobile, repels water and is therefore easy to cast. I tie in three or four strands of peacock (eye) feather to suggest a back to the lure and possibly make the lure easier for the fish to see in silhouette, but I doubt that's really necessary so long as the size and general profile are right.

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