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29 Sep 2011

Travels with a volcano 2: Kerry finnock

One sea-trout mark I'd never expected to fish was a channel off Fermoyle Strand (Dingle peninsula). There were some small sea-trout moving up and down the channel, and there must have been some bigger fish among them (though we didn't connect with any of these last). Nevertheless, the finnock would take small silver-bodied wet-flies, or tandem Sunk Lures, rather well at times, and I very much enjoyed and learnt a great deal from these minor encounters. In that respect the relative success of the braid-mount Sunk Lure (size 8-10 tandem, dressed with a tinsel-and-peacock 'wing') was very heartening: the finnock took it well, and by no coincidence whatsoever there were at the time large numbers of sandeels in the channel. (Angler: David Knowles.)

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