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7 Aug 2011

The Boyne - and a 3lb. sea-trout

As part of our recent visit to Ireland to attampt to catch sea-trout and construct some features for Trout and Salmon we visited several east coast fisheries, among them the Boyne, the Castletown and the Slaney. By dint of luck and local knowledge we managed to catch sea-trout on all the streams we visited, and the Boyne offered particularly difficult and interesting sea-trout fishing in its lower reaches. At the time of our visit, Bernard Halpenny, treasurer of Rossin and Slane Anglers, caught and released a magnificent sea-trout whose weight we estimated at around 3lb. Scales were taken from this fish prior to release and they are currently being studied by the Celtic Sea Trout Project ( For further information on the Boyne and its sea-trout fishing, please see below.

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