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26 Nov 2010

Form and colour in Irish sea-trout flies

Silhouette, translucency, size and colour seem to me to be key components of Irish sea-trout flies (particularly those used in freshwater).
One pattern I use a great deal because of its colour impact is a yellow-based variant of the Raymond. I like it so much that I probably fish it too often, but over the past couple of seasons it's a pattern that's done well in Donegal and Mayo.
In the shot here you'll also see a blue-based, shrimp-stylising pattern of my own (the Derry Bull) and a couple of Bumbles modelled on David Knowles's purply-blue Bruiser, used to great effect on South Uist last month. Also glimpsed in this shot is that wonderful old stand-by, the Teal, Blue and Silver, into whose wing I often incorporate a few strands of flash.

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  1. Hi Chris - just found your website through a link on Ken Whelan's site.

    I do a fair bit of fishing in the West and have trod some of the same places as yourself.

    I was interested in the dressings for the Derry Bull and David Knowles purply-blue bruiser. The picture here did not give me enough clues to replicate either! I would enjoy having them in the armoury for next season!

    Looking forward to the book. If it is easier please send details to