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17 Sep 2010

Mayo 2010: Owenduff estuary wet-flies

Far and away the best wet-flies on the estuary were smallish (size 10-12) silver- or lurex-bodied wet-flies. Larger patterns such as the Gadget (size 8) or the Sunk Lure (size 12 tandem) were ignored - even though the white-trout were readily hitting spinners and spoons fished by other anglers. Puzzling....but then, that's sea-trout fishing.

One of James's successful patterns was a green lurex-bodied Alexandra, size 12, shown here.

Mayo 2010: Owenduff estuary

The Owenduff estuary was in flood - high water was coursing down the river, and we fished from high tide to low. When I looked at the estuary in the morning I shook my head and thought to myself 'Completely unfishable'. Eight hours later we left, having shared a catch of well over ten brace of white-trout, all returned. The fish took small, silver-bodied wet-flies best. The shot shows a white-trout of around 1lb which took a Teal, Blue and Silver.

Mayo 2010: Glenamoy grilse

A fresh-run grilse of around 3lb being returned.

Mayo 2010: The Glenamoy

James, Markus and I shared a good catch on the Glenamoy (Co. Mayo), which included grilse to around 5lb. and a leash of white-trout, all finnock...and all fit, fat, welcome (and returned). Grand day.