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8 Jul 2010

Of mullet, bread and cat food

I was slipping away from the estuary one evening when I encountered two fishers who'd come down to the tide specifically to fish for mullet. Since I'd fished (unsuccessfully) for several hours that same morning for mullet with the fly-rod, I asked them what they were going to use as bait. 'Bread,' they said at once. 'Funny thing, though,' one added. 'It can't just be any old kind of bread. It's got to be....' (his voice hushed into a reverential whisper) 'Brennan's.' I caught sight of what looked like a bag of dog biscuits peeping out of one of these gentlemen's kit-bags. 'And what about dog biscuits?' I asked. 'Not dog biscuits,' they said. 'Cat biscuits....' 'I don't suppose,' I asked again, 'that it has to be any kind of - any particular brand of - cat food, does it?' Stupid of me to ask. The reply came not even in a reverential whisper but with a hushed kind of awe.

'It's got to be Go-Cat,' they said.

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