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27 Jul 2010

Big sea-trout from the Drowes estuary

Great reports of splendid runs of salmon and sea-trout in the Irish West continue. One particularly intriguing item among the reports (please click on http://fishinginireland/info/update for more) was the caputure of a handful of gigantic sea-trout on the Drowes estuary. The Drowes, which drains Lough Melvin, of course enjoys a justifiable reputation for the quality of its salmon fishing, but sea-trout appear not to run the river into Melvin. Last week, however, sea-trout of between 6.5 and just under 13lb (!) were caught on the Sea Pool of the river, leading me to wonder where those fish came from. Scales have been taken from these fish, so we should soon know what the origin of these massive sea-trout was...and when I know, I shall post the outcome here.

Photo from 'Irish Angling Update' (e-zine), 22 July 2010. Sea-trout 6.5lb caught by Sean O'Connor on the Drowes Sea Pool.

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