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7 May 2010

Strangford (1)

Just returned from Strangford Lough, where the wind blew from the north and where there was a hard, cold, glittery light. My catches (CBMcC) were almost non-existent, but I learned a great deal about this sensitive and lovely environment. One thing which delighted me was to catch (and of course, release) two tiny juvenile sea-trout which had clearly run into saltwater as smolts mere weeks before. The fact that these important fish are all wild and healthy is in my view hugely significant, and a tribute to the potential of Strangford as an environment in which totally wild sea-trout can grow and thrive.

Many warm thanks to all those who supported and helped my travels, and particularly to Stephen Kennedy, whose knowledge of the lough is unrivalled. Stephen is also the instigator of the Dibney River Conservation Trust and the forthcoming Irish International Fly Fair at Killyleagh (

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