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28 Apr 2010

Thin nomads in Denmark

To Denmark (Funen) for three days. The sea temperatures were still very low (7-8C) and although the handful of smaller sea-trout we caught were in good nick, the largest (a fish of around 55cm) was painfully thin. Although it had a silvery coat and was clean-scaled, it had clearly run back out to sea around a month ago and since then had found little to eat. There was little life apparent in the coastal shallows - no sandeels, few shrimps, and the eel-grass beds had only just started to grow. Still, better times will lie ahead for that returned sea-trout.

The shot shows a small sea-trout - the sort of trout the Danes call a 'Greenlander' - being safely returned. We encountered a few of these splendid little fish, and enjoyed one hectic spell one evening as a shoal of them moved in to the waters near the beach, where they were feeding on small, buff-coloured shrimps.

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