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29 Apr 2010

A look at saltwater sea-trout flies: Ragworm (1)

I thought it might be useful if I detailed some of the saltwater sea-trout patterns I tie and use myself in Ireland and Denmark, or which others tie and use themselves. What follows (April 2010) is a very quick tour of some useful artificials, particularly those representing what are the stars of the piece at this time of year - ragworms, sandeels, shrimps, and various kinds of small fish. (Actually, those food items, perhaps with the exception of the ragworm, are the stars of the piece between March and August each year.)

The shot shows one of my own ragworm patterns tied on a size 8 longshank hook. It's weighted with 10 wraps of lead wire, and the tail is made from a Spey hackle. I tie in a small loop of nylon at the rear of the fly to prevent the hackle fibres wrapping round the bend of the hook. I suppose that really the fly is a sort of posh Nobbler....

I'd be delighted to hear from other sea-trout fishers who'd like to share some of their own favourite saltwater patterns. Perhaps putting together a data-base of such patterns might be something we could do together?

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